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Package: Dangle

    Data for the CcpNmr Dangle program, for predicting torsion angles from shifts.
Data Types
Data Obj Types

Imported Packages:

ccp.api.molecule.MolSystem,   ccp.api.molecule.Molecule,   ccp.api.nmr.Nmr,   ccp.api.nmr.NmrConstraint,   memops.api.AccessControl,   memops.api.Implementation

Packages Importing cambridge.api.Dangle:



Class Description
DangleChain Chain containing residues with predicted angles
DangleResidue Residue that holds Dangle angle predictions
DangleStore Collection of Dangle prediction data, and associated information. This class serves as TopObject.

Data Obj Types:

Type Description

Data Types:

Type Description
ColorScheme Dangle color scheme datatype
NormDegAngle Angle in degrees, normalised to -180 <= x < 180 degrees

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