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Package: Citation

    DRAFT - backward compatibility of future versions not guaranteed.
    Citation and litterature references.
Data Types
Data Obj Types

Imported Packages:

Affiliation,   memops.api.AccessControl,   memops.api.Implementation

Packages Importing ccp.api.general.Citation:

Instrument,   Method,   ccp.api.lims.Protocol,   ccp.api.lims.Target,   ccp.api.molecule.MolSystem,   ccp.api.molecule.Molecule,   ccp.api.nmr.Nmr,   ccp.api.nmr.NmrEntry


Class Description
BookCitation Citation (litterature reference) for book or book chapter.
Citation Citation (litterature reference).
CitationStore Grouping of Citations
ConferenceCitation Citation (litterature reference) to Conference presentation
JournalCitation Citation (litterature reference) to Journal article
ThesisCitation Citation (litterature reference) to  a Thesis.

Data Obj Types:

Type Description

Data Types:

Type Description
CitationStatus Citation status

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