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Package: Sample

    DRAFT - backward compatibility of future versions not guaranteed.
    Individual (laboratory) samples and information for tracking them.
Data Types
Data Obj Types

Imported Packages:

Classification,   Holder,   RefSampleComponent,   ccp.api.general.Affiliation,   ccp.api.general.Method,   memops.api.AccessControl,   memops.api.Implementation

Packages Importing ccp.api.lims.Sample:

Crystallization,   ExpBlueprint,   Experiment,   Protocol,   ccp.api.nmr.Nmr,   ccp.api.nmr.NmrScreen


Class Description
AbstractSample General information on the sample or reagent.
CrystalSample The CrystalSample contains information about an individual Crystal and its  physical properties : dimensions, color,...
RefSample Reference data to which a 'real' sample conforms. This is a means to store details which are shared by instances of the same reagent but are supplier and batch independant.
RefSampleSource Defines examples of supplier details for this particular reagent to allow a link to be created to the product data page.
Sample The information on the sample. The sample conforms to a particular sample reference information. The sample is the contents that has been used during an experiment that contains the sample components which is located in an Holder.
SampleComponent The information on the sample component. One component is one element of the contents of the sample.
SampleStore TopObject for package Sample

Data Obj Types:

Type Description

Data Types:

Type Description
AmountUnit Closed enumeration for amount unit: kg, L or number.
ConcentrationUnit The allowed unit for concentration: kg/m3 for mass density, M for amount-of-substance concentration, m3/m3 for volume fraction, mol/mol for amount of substance fraction and kg/kg for mass fraction.

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