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Package: Target

    DRAFT - backward compatibility of future versions not guaranteed.
    Molecular targets, in the bioinformatics sense of the word.
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Imported Packages:

Classification,   RefSampleComponent,   ccp.api.general.Affiliation,   ccp.api.general.Citation,   ccp.api.general.DbRef,   ccp.api.general.Taxonomy,   memops.api.AccessControl,   memops.api.Implementation

Packages Importing ccp.api.lims.Target:

ExpBlueprint,   ccp.api.general.Annotation


Class Description
Project The project groups a list of targets together. It may be used to represent a different kind of grouping for targets than TargetGroup. It could groups targets that are not related by their properties.
Target The information on the target.
TargetGroup General grouping system for Target. It can be used to represent a protein family.
TargetStatus The status of target.
TargetStore TopObject for Target package

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Data Types:

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  Data Model Version 2.0.5
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