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Package: LabeledMolecule

    Package for describing isotope labeling of molecules
Data Types
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Imported Packages:

ChemComp,   ChemCompLabel,   Molecule,   memops.api.AccessControl,   memops.api.Implementation

Packages Importing ccp.api.molecule.LabeledMolecule:

ccp.api.lims.RefSampleComponent,   ccp.api.nmr.Nmr


Class Description
AtomLabel Atom label indicators.
LabeledMixture Mixture of labeled species.
LabeledMolecule Molecule whose labeling is presented.
MolLabel Molecule labeling pattern
MolLabelFraction Describes the relative abundance of a given MolLabel in a given LabeledMixture (association class).
ResLabel Residue labeling pattern. If there are any SingleAtomLabels for a given atom, these uniquely determine the isotope composition. Failing that, if there are any UniformLabels for a given atom, these uniquely determine the isotope composition. Failing that the composition is determined  by the ResLabelFractions.
Note that AtomLabels effectively specify the isotope composition one position at a time. Any correlations between the labeling patterns of two (or more) Atoms can only be specified with the ResLabelFractions.
ResLabelFraction Fraction of Residue labeling that follows a given labeling scheme
SingleAtomLabel Atom label referring to a single atom. Overrides any UniformAtomLabel and ResLabelFraction records present for the same residue ID(s)
UniformAtomLabel Atom label description valid for all atoms of a given element in a given residue, except those attached to any SingleAtomLabel object.

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Data Types:

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