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Package: NameMapping

    Data for mappings between atom and residue names in various systems, for use with the CcpNmr format conversion programs.
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ccp.api.molecule.ChemComp,   ccp.api.molecule.Molecule,   memops.api.AccessControl,   memops.api.Implementation

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Class Description
AtomMapping Describes the mapping between the atoms in the data model and the atom name strings in an external format
ChainMapping Describes the mapping between the chains in the data model and the chain description in the external format.
MoleculeMapping Describes the mapping for a molecule
NameMapping This class groups all mappings between an external file format and the data model. It is used by the FormatConverter software.
NameMappingStore grouping of NameMappings
ResonanceLinkMapping Describes cases where a resonance with a particular external format name has to be copied to other resonances (using their external format name).
ResonanceStatusMapping This allows linkResonances settings to be reapplied when linking the same data again.

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Data Types:

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