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Package: Implementation

    The memops implementation - the basic machinery that makes the various subroutine libraries function.
Data Types
Data Obj Types

Imported Packages:


Packages Importing memops.api.Implementation:

AccessControl,   cambridge.api.Dangle,   ccp.api.general.Affiliation,   ccp.api.general.Annotation,   ccp.api.general.Citation,   ccp.api.general.DataLocation,   ccp.api.general.DbRef,   ccp.api.general.Instrument,   ccp.api.general.KeywordDefinition,   ccp.api.general.Method,   ccp.api.general.Taxonomy,   ccp.api.general.Template,   ccp.api.lims.Classification,   ccp.api.lims.Crystallization,   ccp.api.lims.ExpBlueprint,   ccp.api.lims.Experiment,   ccp.api.lims.Holder,   ccp.api.lims.Location,   ccp.api.lims.Protocol,   ccp.api.lims.RefSampleComponent,   ccp.api.lims.Sample,   ccp.api.lims.Target,   ccp.api.molecule.ChemComp,   ccp.api.molecule.ChemCompCharge,   ccp.api.molecule.ChemCompCoord,   ccp.api.molecule.ChemCompLabel,   ccp.api.molecule.ChemElement,   ccp.api.molecule.LabeledMolecule,   ccp.api.molecule.MolStructure,   ccp.api.molecule.MolSystem,   ccp.api.molecule.Molecule,   ccp.api.molecule.Stereochemistry,   ccp.api.molecule.Validation,   ccp.api.nmr.Nmr,   ccp.api.nmr.NmrCalc,   ccp.api.nmr.NmrConstraint,   ccp.api.nmr.NmrEntry,   ccp.api.nmr.NmrExpPrototype,   ccp.api.nmr.NmrReference,   ccp.api.nmr.NmrScreen,   ccpnmr.api.Analysis,   ccpnmr.api.AnalysisProfile,   ccpnmr.api.NameMapping,   molsim.api.AnnealProtocol,   molsim.api.Symmetry,   utrecht.api.Haddock


Class Description
DataObject Superclass for non-implementation classes
ImplementationObject Superclass for Implementation package objects
MemopsObject Base class for Memops data model classes.
Contains elements common to all classes, e.g. the link to ApplicationData, and the root and parent links.
MemopsRoot Unique root class, located at the top of the parent-child tree of objects. The  attributes adn operations are different in the File and Db Implementations
PackageLocator Storage locations for one or more packages
Repository Data repository - database, directory, or server, where data are stored
TopObject Superclass for TopObjects (except for MemopsRoot). The attributes and operations are different in File and Db implementations

Data Obj Types:

Type Description
AbstractMatrix nD Matrix of simple data type elements
AppDataBoolean Boolean type application data.
AppDataDouble Double type application data.
AppDataFloat Float type application data.
AppDataInt Int type application data.
AppDataLong Long Int type application data.
AppDataString String type application data.
ApplicationData Stores program-specific data. Intended for application-specific extensions to the data model. ApplicationData objects should be used only by the application that wrote them originally.
ApplicationData objects all have an attribute 'value' holding the data value. The data type of the value differs between the different subclasses of ApplicationData
BooleanMatrix nD Matrix of Boolean elements.
ComplexDataType Topmost Superclass of both classes and complex datatype objects. Contains some implementation attributes
FloatMatrix nD Matrix of Float elements.
IntMatrix nD Matrix of Int elements.
MemopsDataTypeObject Superclass for DataObjTypes
StringMatrix nD Matrix of String elements.
SymmTracelessMatrix Symmetric traceless tenaor, used for instance for alignment tensors.
Url URl for data location. Example: directory, database.

Data Types:

Type Description
Any Basic data type - could be anything at all. Allowed only for parameters, not serialisable.
Boolean Basic data type handling Boolean (true/false) values.
DateTime Class for data and time values, timestamps, etc. Temporarily set equal to a String, will be implemented properly at a later date.
Dict Basic Data Type, handling dictionary/mapping
NB TBD not complete.
Stringification not reversible in all cases.
Only allowed for MetaParameters.
Double Basic data type, handling double precision (64 bit) floating point numbers.
Float Basic data type, handling single precision (32 bit) floating point numbers.
FloatRatio Float between zero and one inclusive
GuidString GUID (globally unique identifier) string. Specially set up
to allow use as file name etc.
Int Basic data type, handling single precision (32 bit) integer.
IntSign +/- 1 - for sign infomation
Line Max 80 char string without carriage returns (\n or \r). Used for most string fields.
Long Basic data type, handling double precision (64 bit) integers.
LongWord 80 char string without white space
NegativeDouble Double < 0
NegativeFloat Float less than 0
NegativeInt Integer < 0
NonNegativeDouble Double >= 0
NonNegativeFloat Float >= 0
NonNegativeInt Non-negative integer
Page Limited-length string, max length 4000
PaperFormat Paper format enumeration ('A4', 'A5', 'B4', 'letter', 'legal', 'other')
PaperOrientation Paper orientation for printing.
PaperUnit Measurement units for paper size
PathString One-line, long string for file name 'path' attributes
PositiveDouble Double greater than 0
PositiveFloat Float greater than 0
PositiveInt Integer greater than zero
PrintFormat Print output format
RgbColor RGB colour specification
SingleLine String not containing \n or \r
SpacelessString String not containing whitespace
StorageFormat supported data I/O formats. More values will be added in later versions.
String Basic data type, handling strings. Unicode not supported. Empty strings not supported
StringKeyDict Dictionary where all keys are strings.
NBNB TBD not complete, constraint not enforced.
Allowed onlly for MetaParameters
Text Limited-length string, max length 254
ThreeValueAnswer Enumeration: 'yes' , 'no', 'maybe'
Token Max 32 char string [_A-Za-z][_A-Za-z0-9]*
UrlProtocol URL scheme (see It is up to the API generators for the individual supported langauges to ensure that all these protocols are supported.
Word Max 32 char string without whitespace

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