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Package: Symmetry

    Molecular symmetry description and restraint
Data Types
Data Obj Types

Imported Packages:

ccp.api.molecule.MolSystem,   memops.api.AccessControl,   memops.api.Implementation

Packages Importing molsim.api.Symmetry:

ccp.api.nmr.NmrCalc,   utrecht.api.Haddock


Class Description
MolSystemSymmetrySet Set of symmetry operations on a MolSystem
Segment Contiguous stretch of residues that enters into symmetry operation
Symmetry Single symmetry that applies to MolSystem.Each Symmetry describes a set of chain segents that are symmetric under some symmetry operation, such as C2 or C3. You would need several Symmetry objects to describe a Symmetry group such as C3v, or even to describe a simple C2 symmetry of a multichain MolSystem.

Data Obj Types:

Type Description

Data Types:

Type Description
SymmetryOpCode Symmetry operation codes.
'ncs' is a non-crystallographic symmetry between exactly two segments
'Cn' is a rotational symmetry between n segments.

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