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General Info

Some general points

Code status

I am currently only checking code into stable - the newest FC and other code is always in there.

Code removal

There might be files/functions that can be removed, but it won't be much. Overall it is very possible that there are functions in the SourceForge repository that are not called by other code from within the SF repository itself, but instead I'm using from PDBe related code that's in the internal PDBe SVN, or other stuff I wrote. The reason for this is that logically some stuff belongs there (e.g. in a or file), so I put it there even if it's used by 'external' code. 

In any case, anything in python/ccp/format/, python/ccpnmr/format/, python/pdbe/ should not be seriously modified or have functions deleted - ask me first please!

Code maintenance

I will maintain the low-level parts of the FC when in Brussels - this is bug fixes and minor additions. I'll also do larger modifications or additions (new format, ...) if it's necessary for myself or direct colleagues there.

I'll keep on using the SourceForge repository like before, but only stable.

As for Marc's code, all I need to know is which functions he's using so I don't change their behaviour. I don't mind anyone fixing low-level FC bugs, as long as it doesn't change function behaviour - I usually check anyway.


Info on FormatConverter has been moved to here