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CCPN in Industry

Information relating to the use of CCPN in an industrial context in companies worldwide

The Role of CCPN Subscriptions

CCPN software is free for non-profit use, but industrial users must subscribe to CCPN. Nevertheless, we are very happy for users to try out the software on a personal basis before deciding whether to make a subscription. Full details of the CCPN software license and details of the current fees can be found on this page.


Industrial subscription enables us to offer more courses, better software support and has an important role in funding the annual CCPN conference; aimed at Ph.D students and new post-doc researchers, and subsidised to encourage young scientists.


Subscriptions are only required for software covered by the CCPN license; Currently this means CcpNmr Analysis, the program for spectrum visualisation, analysis and assignment. The CCPN Data Model, CcpNmr FormatConverter, CcpNmr FormatExchange, and CcpNmr ChemBuild are under open-source license and do not require subscription.


CCPN Subscriptions provide:
  • Unlimited installation of CCPN software within an institution,
  • Active user support, including via mailing list,
  • Training courses on the operation of CCPN software,
  • Training courses on scientific programming within the CCPN scheme,
  • Opportunities to present (and recruit) at the annual CCPN conference,
  • Invitations to guide development of the next generation of industrial  CCPN software.

Influence on the CCPN development process

We are currently in the process of writing new software for NMR based fragment screening and small molecule NMR. This is a collaborative process with our current subscribers and the new software is specifically designed according to the requirements of industrial users. See the dedicated section for the current state of the next-generation industrial developments.

How to subscribe

First make sure you are familiar with the terms of the CCPN license and how the fee scale relates to the size of your company, then enquire about making a subscription to CCPN by emailing the CCPN secretary at

Please note that it is possible to have a user try out the CCPN software before committing to a subscription.