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CCPN Community Meetings

A description of the conferences and workshops that CCPN runs

Meetings for the NMR Community

Throughout the year, we offer a series of workshops, meetings training courses  and annual CCPN Conferences, both in the UK and sometimes in Europe, aimed at Ph.D. students and Post-docs, mainly in the Biomolecular NMR community. CCPN has arranged a series of workshops to consult on the NMR data standard, as well as on the use of CcpNmr Analysis and the software development framework in the UK, Europe and elsewhere to help users and young scientists install and introduce the program.

CCPN conferences

The CCPN meetings present current best practice for all aspects of the macromolecular NMR.  The speakers, rather than just presenting scientific results, will tend to discuss in detail the pros and cons of the different approaches that they are using. Also, sessions start with introductory talks, with the particular aim of aim of engaging younger scientists, who may be new to NMR. Through discussion, we hope to come up with new ideas as to how future biomolecular NMR projects might best be tackled.

Software development workshops

Our introductory software courses are aimed at newcomers to CcpNmr Analysis, for both solution NMR and magic-angle spinning solid state NMR. Taught topics include the setup of molecular systems, resonance assignment, relaxation analysis and structure determination.