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2002 CCPN/UK Cambridge

NMR of non-ideal Proteins: Producing and characterising samples for NMR studies

Daniel Nietlispach, University of Cambridge: "Initial NMR studies of proteins: can diffusion and relaxtion mesaurements help?"

Steve Matthews, Imperial College London: "NMR of non-ideal proteins: producing and characterizing samples for NMRstudies"

David  Neuhaus, MRC-LMB Cambridge: "NOEs in complexes"

Kristy Downing/Jo O'Leary, University of Oxford: "Comparative strategies for NMR sample production involving in vitro or in vivo (refolding)"

Lu-Yun Lian, UMIST: "Large or difficult proteins – how to make them NMR-friendly"

David Cowburn, NY Structural Biology Center: "Making and characterizing signal transduction proteins for NMR structural and dynamic studies"


Cheryl Arrowsmith, University of Toronto: "Structural proteomics and the quest for soluble samples"

Takanori Kigawa, RIKEN Yokohama Inst. Japan: "Our practical expertise in cell-free protein expression approaches"

Stefan Bagby, University of Bath: "Expression, purification and screening strategies for protein production"

Peter Flynn, University of Pennsylvania: "NMR studies of encapsulated proteins dissolved in low viscosity solvents"

Stephan Grzesiek, University of Basel: "Real-life protein NMR: HIV-1 Nef as an example"

Paul Driscoll, University College London: "Difficult proteins – the Bloomsbury experience"