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2004 CCPN/UK Ambleside

Computational aspects of Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy, 16-18 August 2004

Session title:  Structure determination and validation

Mike Williamson, University of Sheffield: "Introduction to struction generation and validation"

Aalt-Jan van Dijk, Utrecht University:  "Docking - Haddock"

Mike Williamson, University of Sheffield: "Structure refinement using chemical shifts"

Michele Vendruscolo, University of Cambridge: "Structure determination using limited data:  Application for protein folding intermediates"

Wolfgang Rieping & Michael Habeck, Insititut Pasteur: "New approaches"

Robert Konrat, University of Vienna: "Automatic assignment/structure determination"

Geerten Vuister, University of Nijmegen: "The Queen program"

Session title:  Data processing and analysis

Jeffrey Hoch, University of Conneticut: "Introduction, indl non-FT based processing (such as FDM, MaxEntropy etc)

Martin Billeter, Goteborg University: "Applications of automated spectrum analysis"

Wim Vranken, EBI, Hinxton: "Application of new Bayesian methods for spectrum analysis"

Vladislav Orekhov, Goteborg University: "Optimizing Resolution & Sensitivity in Multidimensional NMR: Multidimensional Decomposition (MDD) of Non-Linearly Sampled Spectra"

Ulrich Gunther, University of Birmingham: "Automated peak picking using wavelet de-noised spectra in automated structure determination"