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2006 CCPN/UK Ambleside

6th CCPN Conference, 28th - 30th July, 2006

Session title:  Pulse Sequences

Michael Sattler: "Design, principles and building blocks of NMR pulse sequences"

Bernhard Brutscher: "Projection, Hadamard, and fast pulsing NMR:  New  methods for fast multidimensional data acquisition"

Session title:  Structure Determination I

Eiso AB: "Introduction and overview of common programs"

Steve Matthews: "Recipe for a tricky protein-peptide complex: Something to Raver1 about"

Session title:  Structure Determination II

Stephan Grzesiek: "Relaxation, residual dipolar couplings and hydrogen bond scalar couplings in protein dynamics and structure"

Joseph Puglisi: "Structure determination of large biological RNAs"

Markus Zweckstetter: "Speeding up NMR-based Protein Structure Determination"

Session title:   Structure Determination III

Michael Nilges: "Optimal use of NOE restraints & error recognition in NMR structures"

Jeffrey Skolnick : "Prediction and refinement of NMR structures from sparse experimental data"

Tim Stevens: "CcpNmr Clouds & Automated Assignment Within  CCPN"

Session title: Quality and Accuracy

Michael Habeck: " Inferential structure determination: Overview and new developments"

Sander Nabuurs: "On the quality of NMR structures"