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2007 CCP/UK Hinxton

Speakers' titles and presentations to discuss potential points of collaboration. 29-30 January 2007, at the EBI, Hinxton, UK.

Charlie Laughton, CCPB: "The CCP Project"

Rasmus Fogh, University of Cambridge: "CCPN project"

Colin Nave, Daresbury: "CCP4"

Norman Paton, University of Manchester: "Data standards: purpose, proposals and progress"

Ivan Parraga Garcia, INB: "The Barcelona MODEL project"

David van der Spoel, Stockholm University: "xdrio: a library for accessing GROMACS files"

Konrad Hinsen, CNRS: "A data model for MD calculations"

Dan Wright, University of Illinois: "Grid computing data sharing, NAMD-G"

Wim Vranken, EBI, Hinxton: "CCPN ChemComp templates and force field parameters"

Peter Keller, Global Phasing Limited: "The BioXDM project: Data management for X-ray data collection and processing"

Anne Pajon, EBI, Hinxton: "Development of a data model and LIMS for protein production"

Maria Krestyaninova, EBI, Hinxton: "Building an Informatics Infrastructure for Diabetes Research"

Michael Wilson, University of Nottingham: "Centre for Plant Integrative Biology"

Norman Paton, University of Manchester: "The Data Management Infrastructure of the Manchester Centre for Integrated Systems Biology"

Henning Hermjakab, EBI, Hinxton: "From Integrating Standards to Integrating Data - BioMAP and MIBBI"

Sarah Butcher, Imperial College: "CISBIS Data Management, Integration and Bioinfomatics"