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2008 CCPN/EU Berlin

Speakers' presentations from 1st CCPN/EU, Joint NMR-Life and Extend-NMR Meeting held in Berlin, on 27th - 29th October 2008

"New approaches to biomolecular structure determination"

Applications in solution

David Neuhaus, MRC, Cambridge   "Why use NMR?"

Cyril Dominque, Zurich  "Finding optimal conditions to study the structures of Protein-RNA complexes: The example of hte hnRNP F -G-tract RNA complex"

Dorotaya Staykova, University of Gothenburg  "NMR protein studies: projections and decompositions"

Gilles Trave, ESB Strasbourg  "Optimising the quality of protein samples for NMR studies: lessons from a difficult viral protein"

Extend NMR Presentation

Peter-Rene Steiner:  "From Bruker spectrometer to processed Data"

Martin Billeter:  "New approaches to data acquisition"

Konrad Brunner:  "Interfacing Auremol routines with CCPNmr Analysis"

Benjamin Bardiaux:  "Structure calculations using ARIA"

Darima Lamazhapova:  "Structure calculations using ISD"

Marc van Dijk:  "Structure calculations using Haddock"

Jurgen Doreleijers: "Validation of structure using CING"

Chris Penkett:  "Deposition of NMR data at the EBI-MSD"

Chris Spronk, SpronkNMR  "CCPNmr Format Convertor and the Documentation project"


Applications in Solids

Marc Baldus, University of Utrecht  "Overview of approaches for biomolecular solid state structure determination - strategies for proteins & complexes of different sizes"

Antoine Loquet, IBCP-CNRS Lyon  "Structure calculations from highly ambiguous solid-state NMR data"

Victoria Higman, University of Bristol  "Strategies for assigning large membrane proteins by solid-state MAS NMR"

Christian Wasmer,  ETH Zurich:  "Structure determination of amyloid fibrils by solid-state NMR:  The HET-s Prion"


New methods for biomolecular NMR

Bab Griffin, MIT  "Theoretical background to DNP and overview of its possible uses in biomolecular NMR"

Mark Prandolini, University of Frankfurt  "DNP is solution at high fields"

Marcel Reese, Gottingen  "Shuttling of liquids between low and high fields for DNP - applications"

Josef Granwehr, University of Nottingham "Dissolution DNP and fast aspectroscopy"

Andrea Cavalli, Cambridge  "Approaches to structure determinatiotn involving chemical shifts"