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2008 CCPN/UK Newton Rigg

Speakers and title of talks at 8th CCPN Conference.

Session title: Solid State NMR

Steven Brown, University of Warwick "Probing Hydrogen Bonding by Solid-State NMR"

David Middleton, University of Liverpool "Solid-state NMR analysis of amyloid and other protein assemblies"

Daniel Huster, Martin-Luther University, Wittenberg "Methods to Study the Dynamics of Membrane-Associated Proteins by Solid-State NMR – the Example Ras"


Session title: Practical computational methods for NMR

Tim Stevens, University of Cambridge "CCPN Status"

Joerg Gsponer, MRC "Novel Structure calculation methodologies"

Vladislav Orekhov, University of Gothenburg "Progress in Multi-Dimensional Decomposition: Hyper-dimensional Spectroscopy and Real-time analysis"

Rafael Brüschweiler  "Covariance spectroscopy and its application to proteins"


Session Title: Protein synthetis and sample preparation

Richard Williamson, University of Kent "Recombinant peptide production for NMR studies"

David Staunton, University of Oxford "Various examples of deuteration, specific labelling and cell-free production"

Marko Hyvönen, University of Cambridge "Disulphide bond protein production in E.coli and preparation/purification from inclusion bodies"

Peter Henderson and Simon Patching, University of Leeds "Membrane protein production"