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2009 CCPN/UK Ambleside

Leads, Speed & Shifts - 22-24 July, 2009, University of Cumbria.

Speakers and titles of talks for 9th CCPN Conference.

Session Title:  Pharmacological NMR, including ligand screening

Martin Vogtherr, AstraZeneca Group: "NMR in a pharmacological context - setting the scene"

Alessio Ciulli, Yale University: "Fragment based rub development: NMR and other methods"

Ben Davis, Vernalis: "Fragment based drug develoment: the Vernalis approach"

Eva Lenz, AstraZeneca: "The Challenges faced in Clinical Metabo(n/l)omics Studies"

Session Title:  NMR in practice: Time saving and resolution enhancing methods

Brian Smith, University of Glasgow: "An overview of fast NMR methods and their practical aspects"

Ewen Lescop, Institution: ICSN-CNRS, France: "The BATCh strategy: How new versatile tools for fast NMR data collection/anaysis can be combined within a few hours"

Jakob Lopez, University of Frankfurt: "Solid state NMR RELOADed: sense and sensitivity"

Victoria Higman, FMP Berlin: "Vorsprung durch Technik - Efficient Protein Structure Determination with CcpNmr Analysis and ARIA"

Session Title:  Chemical shifts and protein structures - how to combine them in practice

Bill Broadhurst, University of Cambridge: "Protein chemical shirts and dihedral angles (DANGLE)"

Guido Pintacuda,ENS, France: "Paramagnetic shifts in protein NMR"

David Wishart, University of Alberta: "Calculating protein structures from chemical shifts and vice-versa (CS23D, SHIFTX, and GeNMR)"

Rinaldo Montalvao, University of Cambridge: "Practical side of using chemicial shifts for modelling protein-protein complexes"