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2010 CCPN/EU Berlin

NMR and Related Techniques for Studying Macromolecules, speakers presentations

Speakers' presentations from 2nd CCPN/EU Meeting held in Berlin, 19-21 October 2010

Applications in Solution

Ad Bax NIH, Washington, USA "Chemical shifts, SAXS, and dipolar couplings: how can they help"
Cesira de Chiara, NIMR  "Solving the structure of problematic proteins: The case study of ataxin-1
Katia Zanier, ESB  "The long way of the HPV E6 oncoprotein to structural studies
Tobias Madl, Technische Universitat   "Efficient paramagnetic tools for structural analyis of large protein complexes by NMR"
Rasmus Fogh, University of Cambridge  "CCPN/Extend-NMR software Overview"

Complementary techniques

Jan Pieter Abrahams, University of Leiden  "Protein 3D electron crystallography"
Haydyn Mertens, EMBL  "'Exploring modular systems with SAXS and NMR'"
Frank Sobott, University of Oxford  "'Mass Spectrometry-based Approaches in Structural Biology'"

Applications in Solids

Mei Hong, Iowa State University  "Structure, Dynamics and Mechanisms of the Influenza M2 Proton Channel in Lipid Bilayers"

Barth-Jan van Rossum, FMP  "The Structure of the Alpha-B-Crystallin Dimer and Oligomeric Organization Determined by Solid- State MAS NMR and Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering"

Paul Schanda, ETH   "Accurate measurement of heteronuclear dipolar couplings: Application to the study of protein dynamics"