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2010 CCPN/UK Ambleside

University of Cumbria, Lake District, 1-3 September 2010

Speakers and titles of talks delivered at 10th CCPN Conference.

Session One:  NMR Relaxation

Xavier Salvatella, IRB, Barcelona Spain "Strategies for extracting dynamics from NMR data"

Malcolm Levitt, University of Southampton "Singlet nuclear relaxation in liquids"

Flemming Hansen, University of Toronto, Canada "Structure and dynamics of excited state of proteins studied by NMR relaxation dispersion

Robert Fenwick, IRB, Barcelona, Spain "Dynamics from RDCs: methods and applications


Session Two:  Non-Protein Biological NMR

Rob Law, Imperial College, London "Lipid rafts: an unstable platform?"

Peter Lukavsky, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology "A'-form RNA helices drive microtubule-based mRNA transport in Drusophila

Gerhard Groebner, Umeå University, Sweden "Insight into the mitochondrial apoptosis regulations by solid state NMR; from the model to ex vivo studies

Baerbel Blaum, University of Lübeck, Germany "Tackling viruses with carbohydrate receptors by NMR"

Session Three:  Challenging Biological NMR Systems

Paul Barlow, University of Edinburgh "Modular proteins, with benefits/pitfalls of reconstructing

Daniel Nietlispach, University of Cambridge "Solution-NMR studies of the seven-helical membrane protein sensory Rhodopsin"

Babis Kalodimos, Rutgers University, USA "NMR studies of large protein machineries"

Birgit Habenstein, University of Lyon, France: "Structure determination of microcrystalline and fibrillar proteins"