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2011 CCPN/EU Oeiras

Speakers' presentations at the 3rd CCPN/EU meeting held in Oeiras, Portugal, on 28-30 September 2011.

Solid State Software Development Group

Anja Bockmann - IBCP, Lyon:  3D assignments strategies for solid proteins"

Adam Lange, University of Utrecht:  "13 C spin dilution for resonance asignment and detection of distance restraints"

Guido PintacudaCNRS/École Normale Supérieure de Lyon:  "Sequential backbone assignment based on 1H-detection at ultra-fast MAS"

Session title: Applications in Solution

Tiago Cordeiro, IRB, Barcelona:  "To solve the structure of a protein DNA complex involving the DNA binding domain of Ler, a member of the H-NS family of proteins."

Katherine Stott, University of Cambridge: "Structure and interactions of HMGB1"

Diego Esposito, NIMR, London:   "Structural studies of the regulatory doman of PLCy1"


Session title: Applications in Solids

Bernd Reif, Technische Universität München:  "Solid-state NMR studies of the Sup35 prion"

Shakeel Ahmad Shahid - FMP Berlin:  "De novo Structure of Yad A Membrane Anchor Domain by Solid-State NMR."

Session title: Protein Expression

Imré Berger, EMBL, Grenoble:  "Multi-expression technologies for complex production in prokaryotic and eukaryotic hosts"

Darren Hart, EMBL, Grenoble: "ESPRIT and CoESPRIT: Soluble fragment screening for structural biology?"

Sina Reckel,  Goethe University, Frankfurt:  "Strategies for the cell-free expression and NMR structural characterisation of alpha-helical membrane proteins"