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2012 CCPN/UK Scarborough programme

Programme for the CCPN/UK 2012 conference

Monday 3rd September 2012

12.00   Registration

12.30 Lunch (Dining Hall)

Check-in         (Reception)

13.40   Meeting Starts         (Theatre)

13.45   Paul Driscoll (Chair)      Welcome and Introduction


Session 1:   Validation and database-based methods

Session Chair – Paul Driscoll


13.50   Geerten Vuister      “Automated techniques in NMR structure determination. How far have we come?”

14.05   Torsten Herrmann      “Comparative modeling for liquid and solid-state NMR structure determination”

14.45   Jurgen Doreleijers      “Large-scale analysis of NMR structures, remediation of common problems.”

15.15   Tea

15.45   Wim Vranken         “Data and coordinates: what's in a structure?”

16.15   Tim Stevens         “CCPN: past and new developments”

16.45   Discussion

17.45   Poster session   (Room C18)

19.15 Dinner            (Dining Hall)

Tuesday 4th September 2012

8.00   Breakfast         (Dining Hall)

8.55   Meeting starts

Session 2:   NMR and complementary techniques

Session Chairs – Marie Phelan, David Neuhaus


09.00     Dmitri Svergun      “Small-angle X-ray scattering and its complementarity to NMR”

09.30     Michael Sattler      "NMR helped by electrons: Structural studies combining NMR with SAXS, with EPR, and with spin labels”

10.00      Andrew Lawrence      “NMR, EPR and X-ray crystallography as complementary techniques for investigating protein structure and function”

10.30   Coffee

11.00   John Schwabe         “When X-rays need a little help from NMR”

11.30   Discussion

12.25   Rasmus Fogh         CCPN Assembly meeting

12.45   Lunch            (Dining Hall)

13.45   Walk            Meet in main reception

17.45   Poster Session         (Room C18)

19.15   Conference Dinner and Poster Prize Presentation

Wednesday 5th September 2012

8.00   Breakfast         (Dining Hall)

Check-out of room (luggage room available)

9.15   Meeting starts



Session 3:   Drug Discovery


Session Chair – Ernesto Cota


09.20   Elisabetta Chiarparin      “Fragment based discovery of a potent XIAP and cIAP1 Dual Antagonist: the NMR perspective”

10.00   Trevor Rutherford      “'Targeted rescue of a destabilised mutant of the tumour suppressor p53”

10.30   Yingqi Xu         “Automatic chemical shift assignment for methyl groups in large proteins”

11.00   Coffee

11.30   Mark Howard         “STD – Saturation Transfer Difference”

12.00   Discussion

12.40   Discussion - Overall meeting

12.55   Paul Driscoll         Closing remarks

13.00   Conference ends

13.15   Lunch                                        (Dining Hall)

14.30   Possible Walk