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Pre-conference workshops

Information about the pre-conference workshops

There will be two workshops before the start of the 15th CCPN Conference (2015). They will take place the afternoon of Sunday 19th July and the morning of Monday 20th July, in the same venue as the conference.

You can register for the workshops when you register for the conference.

Workshop Data-management: How to handle your data so everyone is happy (Sunday 19 July, 2-5 PM)

Proper treatment of experimental data is a topic of increasing attention and concern. To generate meaningful results, your experimental data need to be analysed in the proper way. Errors in this process can results in poor or even incorrect results. Experimental data also have to be made available for the community; the combined RCUK funding bodies have issued directives regarding this so-called "Research Data Management" and papers whose underlying data have not been made available are not eligible for the future REF2020!

In the workshop, we will address and discuss the following issues:

1. To validate the structural data generated by NMR spectroscopy, the wwPDB has setup a task force to design and implement criteria for NMR structure validation. We will discuss these recommendations and the future wwPDB NMR validation report.

2. The management of NMR data and derived restraints has proven extraordinarily difficult. In the workshop we will report on the latest development of the so-called "NMR-Exchange Format" (NEF), a concerted open-source, community effort to define a format to exchange NMR data between programs. Notably, all major NMR software developers (ie. those of the programs Cyana, Unio, Aria, Xplor_nih, Amber, CCPN, Cing, ….) are participating in this effort.

3. RDM: what is, what do you need to do and how to implement it?

There will be also be time to respond to/discuss your own cases.

Geerten Vuister (organiser)

Analysis 3 workshop (Monday 20 July 9-12, AM)

Demonstration of where Analysis 3 is currently at.  Instructions for how to install Analysis 3 on your computer.  Note that Virtual Box should be installed before you come to Buxton, and the Analysis 3 code will be distributed in Buxton.

1. Install VirtualBox: Download the virtual box 5.0  package and extension pack for your system from
a. Install VirtualBox, using standard set-up.
b. Install the extension pack
2. Copy the CCPN VM file on ot your computer, e.g. into the location for VirtualBox VMs ('User/VirtualBox VMs')
3. Load the CCPN Virtual machine into VirtualBox by double-clicking it (or using File ->  Import Appliance inside VirtualBox). Accept default settings.
4. Start the CCPN virtual machine by double clicking Oracle Virtual Box, and then double clicking the CcpnOpenSUSE machine.
5. First time, install recommended updates.
6. Instructions can be found in the README (editor is kwrite for text, ooffice for documents).