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CCPN meeting and workshop presentations
File Rasmus Fogh, University of Cambridge
CCPN project
File Colin Nave, CCP4
File Norman Paton, University of Manchester
Data standards: purpose, proposals and progress
File Ivan Parraga Garcia, INB
The Barcelona MODEL project
File David van der Spoel, Stockholm University
xdrio: a library for accessing GROMACS files
File Konrad Hinsen, CNRS
A data model for MD calculations
File Dan Wright, University of Illinois
Grid computing data sharing, NAMD-G
File Wim Vranken, EBI Hinxton
CCPN ChemComp templates and force field parameters
File Peter Keller, Global Phasing Limited
The BioXDM project: Data management for X-ray data collection and processing
File Anne Pajon, EBI, Hinxton
Development of a data model and LIMS for protein production
File Maria Krestyaninova, EBI, Hinxton
Building an Informatics Infrastructure for Diabetes Research
File Michael Wilson, University of Nottingham
Centre for Plant Integrative Biology
File Norman Paton, University of Manchester
The Data Management Infrastructure of the Manchester Centre for Integrated Systems Biology
File Henning Hermjakab, EBI, Hinxton
From Integrating Standards to Integrating Data - BioMAP and MIBBI
File Sarah Butcher, Imperial College
CISBIS Data Management, Integration and Bioinfomatics
File Michael Sattler
Design, principles and building blocks of NMR pulse sequences
File Bernhard Brutscher
Projection, Hadamard, and fast pulsing NMR: New methods for fast multidimensional data acquisition
File Eiso AB
Introduction and overview of common programs
File Steve Matthews
Recipe for a tricky protein-peptide complex: Something to Raver1 about
File Markus Zweckstetter
Speeding up NMR-based Protein Structure Determination
File Michael Nilges
Optimal use of NOE restraints & error recognition in NMR structures
File Jeffrey Skolnick
Prediction and refinement of NMR structures from sparse experimental data
File Tim Stevens, University of Cambridge
CcpNmr Clouds & Automated Assignment Within CCPN
File Michael Habeck
Inferential structure determination: Overview and new developments
File Sander Nabuurs
On the quality of NMR structures
File Josep Rizo
Anallysis of protein-protein interactions involved in the regulation of neurotransmitter release
File Helen Mott
Protein/protein interactions: G protein/effector complexes
File Tharin Blumenshein
File Gilles Trave
Monodispersity-based strategies for control and optimisation of recombinant protein quality
File Krystyna Bromek
Polychromatic excitation and protein interactions
File Matthew Crump
Thermodynamic quantities derived from Protein dynamics
File Frederic Allain
Solution structure of several alternative-splicing factors in complex with RNA
File Wolfgang Rieping & Michael Habeck, Insititut Pasteur
New approaches
File Wim Vranken, EBI, Hinxton
Application of new Bayesian methods for spectrum analysis
File Vladislav Orekhov, Goteborg University
Optimizing Resolution & Sensitivity in Multidimensional NMR: Multidimensional Decomposition (MDD) of Non-Linearly Sampled Spectra
File Ulrich Gunther, University of Birmingham
Automated peak picking using wavelet de-noised spectra in automated structure determination
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