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CCPN 2018 Conference Presentations

Presentations by speakers at CCPN 2018 conference in Canterbury

Session 1: Technical aspects of biomolecular NMR

Leveraging the slow relaxation property of the 15N nuclei using multidimensional 15N-detected experiments: For IDPs and beyond, Hari Arthanari

13C-detected NMR experiments for the characterisation of arginine side-chains in solution, Harry Mackenzie

Protein expression in human cells for in-cell NMR, Enrico Luchinat

Complex Dynamics and Dynamic Complexes: NMR of Highly Dynamic Biomolecules and their Functional Mechanisms, Martin Blackledge

Session 2 : Protein-ligand interactions

Introduction to Protein-Protein & Protein - Ligand Interactions by NMR & detecting monovalent cation binding sites, Brian Smith

The target-protection mechanism of antibiotic resistance at atomic resolution: insights into FusB-type fusidic acid resistance, Jennifer Tomlinson

Characterisation of protein-protein interfaces in large complexes by solid state NMR solvent paramagnetic relaxation enhancements, Józef Lewandowski

Session 3 : Integrated structural biology with cryo-EM and NMR

Determination of protein structural ensembles using NMR and Cryo-EM, Michele Vendruscolo

Structural investigation of the interaction of a chaperone with amyloidogenic peptides by NMR and EM., Marielle Walti

Functional aspects of the innate immune response studied by integrated structural biology, Sebastian Hiller

Structure determination of a half-megadalton aminopeptidase enzyme complex from an integrated NMR and cryo-EM approach, Diego Gauto

Session 4: EM biological science (in collaboration with CCP-EM)

Cryo EM: Challenges, Achievements, and Prospects (TBC), Elena Orlova

Cryo-EM - From Sample to Structure, Rebecca Thompson

Architecture of eukaryotic mRNA 3′-end processing machinery: an example of high resolution cryoEM structure determination, Ana Casañal