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Travel Information

Travel information or the CCPN conference
Arriving at the University of Kent by Train:

Train most people will want to come into Canterbury West station from St Pancras. Once you arrive at Canterbury West you have one of 3 choices
  1. get a taxi from outside the station (there is usually plenty of supply) and ask for Tyler Court at the University of Kent
  2. use the bus service: turn right out of  Canterbury West Station, walk down to the end of the of the road and turn left to find a bus stop on the opposite side. Catch a Uni1 Uni2 or No4 to the campus. Uni2 is especially good as it stops near Darwin College and saves a walk across campus from the Keynes College stop (see getting about CCPN for details). The local buses take chip and pin cards for payment as well as cash
  3. walk up to the University across Beverley Meadow and the Campus (see  “walk to campus" picture). The walks is 1.2 miles partially through suburbia and then through campus and woodland along a paved path, it is however up hill.



Travel information can be accessed from the University of Kent website: