CCPN v1 to v2 Data Upgrade Form
This web page is used to upgrade the XML files of a CCPN project from version 1.0 of the CCPN Data Model to version 2.0. Please note that minor version updates, e.g. 2.0.6 to 2.1.0 are handled automatically by CCPN software. This web service cannot be used for that purpose in any case.
The file that you upload must be a gzipped tar file containing both the top-level (project) XML file and the corresponding sub-directory which contains the other CCPN XML files. When the archive is unpacked the project XML file and sub-directory must end up in the same location and not in any subdirectories. A typical UNIX command to issue to create the archive would be something like:
 > tar -cvzf myProject.tgz myProject.xml myProject/
If everything works you are given a job status web page and eventually this will present you with a link from which you can download a gzipped tar file continaing the upgraded CCPN project. For version 2 projects the top-level project XML file is contained witin the CCPN project directory, rather than being located alongside, as was the case with version 1.0. Note that the absolute file and directory paths within the upgraded XML files will be wrong, but CCPN applications will cope with that under most circumstances.
For security reasons you must be registered with the CCPN at the CCPN Plone site to run this script. If you have registered recently, send an email to ccpn-dev [at] to notify us of this fact. We need to remove spammers so the step between registering with the CCPN and being able to use this script requires manual intervention.

File to upload:

Press to upload and upgrade the file

A Note for Non-Standard Chemical Compounds
Before you package up your project, if you have "non-standard" chemComps. In version 1.0 of Analysis open the Project::Save As dialog. Click open the Storages tab (and make the dialog wider so you can see more of the columns). In the Path column (column number six) find the ChemComps that are non-standard. In the Url serial column (column number four) change the serial from whatever it is to 2, for these chemComps. Then click "Detailed Save" at the bottom of the dialog.
If you have any problems then first check the list of known problems, and contact the CCPN developers at: ccpn-dev [at]