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Downloading CCPN software

The various programs and versions available from CCPN

CcpNmr software is cross-platform and works on Linux, Mac OSX, Windows and various flavours of Unix.


The CcpNmr V2 software suite

The current components of the V2 CcpNmr software suite are:

  • Analysis - for spectrum display, interactive analysis and assignment
  • FormatConverter - for reading and writing between the data formats of existing programs
  • ECI/PDB deposition - for submitting CCPN data to PDBe and BMRB


Software release downloads

Download the latest version of Analysis, including ECI and FormatConverter, from our V2.5 downloads page.


Further information

A CcpNmr mailing list has been set up for discussion of the software.

Some previous versions of the software are still available.