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Other Downloads

C API 2.1.0

This includes Analysis, as it happens.

Note that all of the above will unpack into the ccpnmr directory, and the actual CCPN code will unpack into ccpnmr/ccpnmr2.1 or ccpnmr2.0 (dependent on release).

There is both release documentation and high-level documentation and tutorials available. Further tutorials can be found here.

Upgrading project data

Data from older versions of Analysis v2 are upgraded automatically by the new program versions. Please note that (old) v1 projects will not automatically load into the v2 software but first need to be converted.  We have provided an upgrade script which accomplishes this.

Source release requirements

Note that this regards the source code release only. The binary releases include all the relevant code.

For FormatConverter:

  • Python 2.4+
  • Tcl/Tk 8.3+

For Analysis:

  • Python 2.4+
  • Tcl/Tk 8.3+
  • Optionally for faster contour graphics: OpenGL
  • Optionally for automated assignment: Numpy

For the C API

  • Python 2.4+

For the Java API

  • Java 5+ (i.e. JDK 1.5+)

If you have Python 2.4 you will also need to install ElementTree, and set the environment variable ELEMENT_TREE_PATH to point to the ElementTree installation directory (so this directory should contain the directory elementTree in it) before you run the CCPN installation script.  If you have Python 2.5 and above you do not need to do this.