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Documentation for the CcpNmr program suite and data model APIs

The documentation for CCPN software and programming within the CCPN system is divided into several sections. The main high-level documentation with tutorials, frequently asked questions and how-tos are housed at the CCPN Wiki site which has mainly been done in a collaboration between CCPN and Spronk NMR Consultancy, although there are a few CcpNmr tutorials on this site. The low-level, detailed documentation about all of the individual popups and graphical elements in CcpNmr Analysis and CcpNmr ChemBuild can be found at the site for in-program documentation, which is largely generated from tool-tips and documentation strings embedded in the Python code (it is nonetheless proper English).  For programmers who wish to develop software using the APIs to the CCPN data model, for example to write macro scripts for Analysis, there is the main Python API and data model documentation, a combined CCPN introduction and programmers tutorial,  and also a short API programming tutorial script to help get started. More information can be found under some of the individual programs.

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