Detailed description of the programs


This is a sample Readme.
Entering any command without parameters will print out a description of usage.

Note that the power level calculations (dbcalc, pulcalc) assume:
1) BRUKER'S POWER LEVEL CONVENTION. This means that a higher dB number is a
greater ATTENUATION (i.e. lower power). On a Varian instrument the OPPOSITE
is true.

2) LINEARITY OF AMPLIFIER RESPONSE. This is not true on Bruker instruments
at power levels stronger than 0dB (although on cryoprobes attenuators are
often fitted that means the repsonse is often linear right to -6dB)


The scripts in this contribution require are either a shell compatible with
the sh shell, or Python, version 2.1 or higher.

To install, unpack the .tar.gz file. To use the scripts from another directory
either make sure the resulting directory is on your path, set up aliases, or move
all the files into a directory that is already on your path (such as ~/bin perhaps)

This is the first version, with no change history

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Jeremy Craven 2005

This software is distributed under the current CCPN license (see