Detailed description of the programs

This is a sample Readme.

Entering almost any command without parameters will provide usage info'

Most shell scripts in this contribution are c-shell scripts;
awk, sed and perl scripts must work fine under any shell;  awk and sed
are integral part of linux/unix operating systems (i.e. i've never seen/heard
of any linux/unix operating system, wherein commands "awk" and "sed" do not
exist);   perl is pretty much universal and usually works w/
as the 1st line of the perl script;
sometimes the perl command may exist in /usr/sbin/ but in that case usually
it will be soft-linked to /usr/bin/ and most perl scripts here have /usr/bin/
as the place where perl command is to be found (some may have /usr/sbin/ and if
on your system it is in /usr/bin, change that line in the perl script to
the appropriate perl location)

To install, unpack the .tar.gz file.

try and perserve the tree structure and refrain from mixing (i.e. moving scripts
and codes across the subdirctories of xpkScrpts or completely out of xpkScrpts
or to import from directories "outside" of xpkScrpts) just so that "everyting
can be in one directory" philosophy (i find this defeating one of the strongest
advantages of unix/linux --- its beautiful tree!  why would anyone wanna negate
it? especially provided that if one adheres to unix filename convention,
the path to the file is part of the name and hence files w/ same names
naturally have different overall names!)

this is version 0, with no change history for this site

Only put keywords here if they are absent from Purpose and Introduction

s chandra shekar 2005
This software is distributed under the current CCPN license (see