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Strategy Documents

Documents describing Memops strategy and approach for specific areas. Generally the original implementation proposals.

Unique and ordered collections

Semantic and implementation rules for collections, with isUnique and isOrdered attributes. IMPLEMENTED. Rasmus Fogh 2007

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Operations and opTypes

Rules for MetaOperations, allowed opTypes, and rules for their use. IMPLEMENTED Rsmus Fogh 2007

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Reserved Names

How to handle model names that clash with language or implementation names. IMPLEMENTED Rasmus Fogh 2007

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Scope and Visibility

Rules for scope and visibility of model elements. IMPLEMENTED Rasmus Fogh 2007

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Universal IDs (GUID/UUID)

Globally unique IDs - which to use and how to generate them Rasmus Fogh 2007

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Override switches

Switches for turning on and off validity checking and other parts of the code. IMPLEMENTED Rasmus Fogh 2007

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Two-way Roles

By Wayne Boucher. Diagrams of the different kinds (cardinalities) of two-way roles and their behaviour when modified. Correct as a description of the problem, even if some of the detailed comments may be out of date.

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Repository Lookup and TopObjects

The new machinery includes mutable keys for TopObjects and a lookup path for repositories. This page discusses the implications and what behaviour to implement. IMPLEMENTED Rasmus Fogh 2007

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XML file names

File names for XML storage

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