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Simple HSQC +2xIPAP peak assign macro v2

Adapted from Graham Ball's file to work with the latest v2 Analysis — Python Source, 1 kB (1207 bytes)

File contents

from ccpnmr.analysis.core.AssignmentBasic import isPeakAssigned
from ccpnmr.analysis.core.AssignmentBasic import assignResToDim

def ipap_ass_v2(argServer=None, peaks=None):
  Crude macro for copying assignments from an HSQC
  peak (for example) to two other unassigned peaks.
  If copying fails, make sure you've set the 
  tolerances for the spectra high enough (see
  RDCcalculator Help).
  TJS: Modified for v2 16/3/2012

  assert argServer or peaks
  if peaks is None:
    peaks = argServer.getCurrentPeaks()

  if len(peaks) != 3:
    msg = 'Invalid peak selection: require HSQC + 2IPAP = 3 peaks'

  dest1 = None
  dest2 = None
  for peak in peaks:
    if isPeakAssigned(peak):
      source = peak
    elif dest1:
      dest2 = peak
      dest1 = peak
  destPeakDims1 = dest1.sortedPeakDims()
  destPeakDims2 = dest2.sortedPeakDims()
  for i, srcPeakDim in enumerate(source.sortedPeakDims()):
    for contrib in srcPeakDim.peakDimContribs:
      resonance = contrib.resonance
      assignResToDim(destPeakDims1[i], resonance, tolerance=10.0)
      assignResToDim(destPeakDims2[i], resonance, tolerance=10.0)