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CcpNmr suite and Analysis

Information, notes etc. about CcpNmr Analysis, and about the CcpNmr suite in general

Liquid NMR Discussion Group

Notes for liquid state NMR discussion group

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Solid NMR Discussion Group

Notes and discussion for the Solid state NMR discussion group

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CcpNmr Analysis - The Next Generation

Thoughts on the next evolution of CcpNmr Analysis. Tim Stevens 2011

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Analysis Tasks Analysis

Subdivision of Analysis functionality into tasks with dependences between them. Rasmus Fogh 2010

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Survey Summary 17 Nov 2009

Summary of CcpnNmr suite user survey Nov 2009

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Survey Details November 2009

Detailed answers to selected questions from October/November 2009 survey of CcpNmr software users.

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