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Working with CVS repositories

Using CVS and eclipse for shared work with repositories. Originally written for Extend-NMR. Wim Vranken 2006.

Introduction to the repositories

Tutorial (part 1): Information on how to use the CVS repositories relevant for Extend-NMR

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Simple CVS

Tutorial (part 2): Introduction to simple CVS commands

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Checking out and merging the repositories

Tutorial (part 3): How to check out the main repositories and merge them into a 'working' directory

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Setting up CCPN

Tutorial (part 4): Setting everything up to use CCPN.

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CVS and Eclipse

Issues to do with using CVS and Eclipse

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Python script

Python script to create a 'working' directory out of CVS repository directories (with the same internal directory setup). Wim Vranken 2006

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Working from extend-nmr repository

How to set up a local extend-nmr repository copy and use it to run the Extend-NMR GUI.

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