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Memops Code Generation

Memops code generation machinery, data model structure and storage.

Access Control Proposal

Proposal for access control that is simple, supports fine-grained control, and supports role-based access algorithms. Rasmus Fogh 2006. Base for 2012 opTypes and AccessControl package.

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DataObjTypes, mutable and not

The current status of DataObjTypes, and propoerties of a possible mutable DataObjType. Implemented Rasmus Fogh 2008

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Undo Proposal

A proposal for an UNDO system for the API.

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Unicode Handling

How to handle Unicode - or what happens when somebody uses a non-US-ASCII character

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Unicode Fix

How to solve the unicode / strange character problem.

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Porting ObjectDomain

How to transfer installed ObjectDomain executables

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Version 1.0 to 1.1 scripts to change code

Set of scripts to detect & make code changes in version 1.0 code to make it compatible with 1.1. These changes are incomplete, but the scripts can help you in changing over, especially if you have lots of code.

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