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Mailing List

Details of the JISC mailing list to discuss CCPN software matters

How to contact CCPN by email

For matters relating to CCPN software, including the CcpNmr suite and the data model, post to the CCPNMR JISC email list at Note that you must join the discussion group via: before you can send posts. Responses to bug reports are relatively quick using this route.

For matters that are not related to CCPN software, e.g. to do with the annual CCPN conference or other organisational matters, send email to

Making Bug Reports

Only the latest software versions (the stable and testing releases) are actively supported, but old CCPN data files are supported. Consider updating Analysis to the latest version before reporting an issue that may have been fixed. Remember to include any recent updates or patches: Analysis is sometimes updated on a daily basis.

Bugs will often be fixed promptly, but if the solution is more complicated they may be put on the to-do list. If a bug seems important, but seems to be neglected at the expense of other issues then it has probably slipped though the cracks and the developers should asked what the status is.

In essence, state what you did, with enough information for the developers to understand and reproduce the problem. The better the information the more likely the problem is quick to fix.

Information to Include

Give the name of the popup window that shows any inconsistencies or was being used when the error occurred. Report any errors that appear on the command line, even if they occurred some time before you noticed anything was wrong. If you are not sure whether something is a bug, you can always ask.

Be precise, don't say:

The shift list doesn't show my molecule assignments properly

when you really mean:

The Chart:Chemical Shifts Table, alone, doesn't show backbone 15N assignments for some residues in chain B.

For NMR concepts, try to report using the same sort of language that appears in the program, e.g. distinguish between experiment and spectrum or molecule and chain when Analysis does.

If it helps, illustrate the problem by including screen shots as attachments, and consider selecting the relevant rows in any tables. Broken or illustrative CCPN projects should be sent as a tar-gzipped archive, without spectrum data files.

Reporting Style

Try not to make assumptions about whether something is a bug or design decision. Sometimes a design decision can appear like a bug from some points of view, and some bugs look like features. Often it is best to simply ask what was intended.

Try not to prescribe how something should be fixed unless you are proposing to fix something yourself. Most problems are best described in terms of the functional requirements. Suggestions for functionality and changes may be made at any time, but repeating yourself should the developers or the user community disagree with the suggestions is mostly futile. Dwelling on the hardship a problem has caused may delay the response rather than hasten it.