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CcpNmr Analysis v3 setup instructions

Instructions for access to and installation of the development code repository on Bitbucket (if you want to live on the bleeding edge).

Bitbucket/Git setup

  1. Make sure you're setup on bitbucket with an ssh key.

  2. Make sure you've configured git correctly and request access to the CcpNmr repositories from us ( or

  3. Move to the location you want to put the top-level directory.

  4. Choose a top-level directory name, in this case, we'll call it CcpNmr, and execute the following commands to checkout the full tree of repositories:

  5. Once the checkouts are complete, symlink the pre-commit hooks with these commands:
    (yes, I know the ../../.. things don't look right, but remember they are relative to the location of the symlink, not where we are currently...)

  6. Now add the following to version control in Pycharm>Preferences>Version Control:

  7. Finally make sure to turn off the Control repositories synchronously option in Pycharm>Preferences>Version Control>Git

  8. See the SOP's