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Latest pdf tutorials for CcpNmr Analysis V3
Tutorial Data and Examples
Sample projects and data for use with the tutorials
File Beginner Tutorial
Tutorial taking you through the basics of using CcpNmr Analysis V3
File Backbone Assignment Tutorial
Tutorial to describing the semi-automated routine for triple-resonance backbone assignment in CcpNmr Analysis
File Chemical Shift Perturbation Analysis Tutorial
Tutorial showing the analysis of 15N – 1H HSQC spectra of a 15N labelled TSTAR protein in complex with RNA and how to map the interaction onto the structure of the protein
File Solid-state NMR Assignment Tutorial
Tutorial introducing various tools and features which are useful for the assignment of carbon-detected solid-state protein NMR spectra using spectra of the uniformly and glycerol labelled SH3 domain of chicken alpha-spectrin as an example.
File Screening Tutorial
Tutorial on how to use CcpNmr AnalysisScreen, including mixture calculations, setting up pipelines and using the hit analysis module
File Metabolomics Practicals
Practicals showing you how to analyse some metabolomics data using CcpNmr AnalysisMetabolomics
File HowTo: import/export NEF files
Short tutorial showing how to use the NEF (NMR Exchange Format) importer and exporter in CcpNmr Analysis V3 Please not that this still uses the old NEF import facility - we are currently updating this tutorial to reflect changes to our NEF importer
File HowTo: import a Sparky project
Short tutorial showing how to import a Sparky project in CcpNmr Analysis V3
Gothenburg 2020 Workshop
Additional course materials for those not using NMRbox